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EN 1090-2, which shielding gas complies with the standard?

Since July 2014, steel supporting structures have had to be manufactured in accordance with EN 1090-2. Every new regulation gives rise to new questions, e.g. “Which shielding gas complies with the standard?”

The requirements for welding consumables are dealt with under section 5.5 of EN 1090-2. This contains a crucial reference.

All welding consumables must comply with the regulations as assigned in Table 5.

As far as shielding gases for welding are concerned, the table refers to ISO 14175 “Welding consumables – Gases and gas mixtures for arc welding”. This international standard specifies all the necessary requirements for shielding gases for welding. All gases which satisfy the ISO 14175 requirements therefore also comply with EN 1090-2.

This applies to all of our gas mixtures. Since they comply with ISO 14175, they also comply with EN 1090-2.