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Home Ternary mixtures Ferroline C6 X1

Ferroline C6 X1 / ISO 14175 M24


Argon 93 by vol.
Oxygen 1 by vol.
Carbon dioxide 6 by vol.




Shielding gas for manual, mechanized and automated MAG welding of unalloyed and low-alloy steels.
Particularly suitable for welding joints on components with a low to medium sheet thickness.


  • steady, stable arc
  • even penetration
  • finely rippled, smooth weld surface
  • fine-droplet metal transfer
  • suitable for low to medium sheet thicknesses
  • suitable for all welding positions

Savings potential

You save: Time, work, money 

C6X1 Ferroline C6 X1
I: 292 A
U: 31,5
VD: 15,6 m/min
VS: 38,4 cm/min
P: 9,19 kW


C18 Ferroline C18
I: 252 A
U: 32,3
VD: 13,0 m/min
VS: 32,0 cm/min
P: 8,14 kW