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Good calculations – smart savings

In order to maintain their strong market position as the price war intensifies, every company constantly has to think carefully about how to reduce costs. While it is important to examine individual issues closely, it is crucial not to lose sight of the “big picture”. Clever investment allows the entire production process to be made more economical.

Example 1: An increase in the welding speed, combined with increased utilization of production capacity, leads to a corresponding reduction in all fixed costs per product.

Costs for welding consumables such as shielding gases, the consumption of which per unit of time remains the same, are also reduced.

Example 2: If the welding speed can be increased from 32 cm/min to 38 cm/min, then the gas consumption for 1 m of weld at 15 l/min drops from 46.9 l to 39.5 l.


Our advice: Lower your costs in a targeted fashion without loss of quality by investing in the right place! Switch today if you too want to save.


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